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Enhancing the health and vibrancy of the client also enhances their attractiveness. Our view of ‘holistic hair care’ considers the influences of diet, water quality, air quality, the method by which hair is cut, and grooming; including the healthiest methods for cleansing, conditioning and styling the hair. Hair Mastery only teaches treatments and practices that do no harm to our clients, our practitioners or our planet.

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Hair Mastery addresses hair in a completely holistic way, also working with hair loss challenges, hair trauma, and a variety of health and psychological issues that affect hair.

Hair Mastery Training Programs are not for everyone. Three types of individuals are most drawn to this work. Some are hairdressers and cosmetologists who have become bored, burnt out, or even ill from conventional ways of working with hair.

Through Hair Mastery, many of these people discover the profound healing possibilities available to themselves and their clients. They renew their passion and find inspiration and pleasure in working with hair in holistic new ways.

Hair Mastery also attracts holistic health practitioners who feel called to working with hair. Similar to how reflexology can affect the whole body by working on the feet, the precise geometric patterns of Hair Balancing create a positive effect on the whole person and their energy field, as the hair is being cut. Powerful personal experiences have inspired some clients to study Hair Balancing so they can learn to how to balance the hair of friends and family.

Hair Mastery offers psychological and hands-on knowledge of all aspects of hair. Our students learn through multi-sensory exercises and practical applications, designed to unleash talent, self-confidence and clarity for their personal and professional path. Our certification programs share techniques, tools and strategies for working successfully in the field of holistic hair care.

Hair Mastery is for extraordinary hairdressers, who desire to explore the healing and spiritual aspects of working with hair, and for people without prior training who want to experience or master the holistic healing realm of hair.

Laura Sullivan and Linda Deslauriers

Co-Founders of Hair Mastery International

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